Simon’s drunken injury

Our host in Glasgow, Pete, had been busy for the majority of the visit as he was a volunteer at the games. However on the Monday night he had finally got the chance to party with us. Clearly there was a lot of excitement in the air. He was also very excited about the fact a famous NRL star, Cecil Martin, was staying at his friends place through Air BnB. Cecil had agreed to party with us one night so a hoard of us turned up at Pete’s friends place for pre drinks.

It was a great night and Cecil was an awesome dude. I hadn’t previously heard of him, but he was quite the charmer. He had all the girls giddy around him.


Later in the night another friend I had met in Vietnam with Pete, Ben, was being sick in the bathroom. Simon decided he urgently needed to investigate. He was outside the club at the time so went running for the front door. Unfortunately a pot hole was in his way which he dodged with only half his foot. His ankle rolled and he ate shit in front of the thirty odd people that were hanging outside. I doubt it was his proudest moment.

The following day Simon’s ankle looked no better than the swollen mess it was the night before so we headed for the A&E. I also took this opportunity to get an infected toe looked at. Making this the fifth country I’ve visited a hospital in. Hopefully I don’t add to that list any further this trip.

The hospital system in Scotland was amazing. We were in and out within two hours and it was all completely free. No insurance needed. I got free antibiotics and Simon got free crutches. Highly recommend getting injured in Scotland if you’re going to do it somewhere.


Questionable icing technique

This was horrible timing for Simon to get injured as we were due to start Contiki in two days time. He came very close to pulling pin. Luckily he was only diagnosed with a sprain so he decided to man up and still do the tour.


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