St Patrick’s Day in Dublin

Yes that’s right! We went to Dublin for St Patrick’s day and shit got messy. We flew in and got an air bnb across the road from the Guinness brewery. Our Ryan Air flight got in late with a delay, as usual, but we still managed to join some Irish friends we made in Athens on a pub crawl. One of them was a girl named India. I don’t want to confirm or deny anything, but Simon may or may not have ended up with her that night. Which lead to many hilarious jokes such as “what smells like butter chicken?” And “bro, you look tired, did you cross the Himalayas last night?”


We chose some pretty amazing costumes to rock. Bright green Sargent Pepper costumes. They were perfect except for one minor fact. Which was that the Beatles were British and the Irish aren’t the biggest fans of the British. Surprisingly only a few locals called us out on it. At least to our faces anyway.

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Lil Bros stag du pranks

My brother, Quinn’s, stag du was awesome. Quinn had foolishly asked me to be his best man. Event planning is one of my passions so I jumped at the chance to plan his stag du. I hadn’t actually even seen my brother in four years! We had both been bouncing around the world, sometimes only missing each other by a month or two.


You can probably guess which one is my brother. I had those green shirts made, the faces on them are actually Quinn’s face with some tweaks. “RIP The freedom of Quinny”

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Air Asia, more like No Airtime Asia

What should have been a reasonable two stop transit from Phuket, Thailand to New Zealand ended up being a 44 hour door to door experience. It was about an hour and a half from my accommodation to the airport. While about to board my flight to Kuala Lumpur, for a two hour stopover, things first started to go sour. This flight was delayed by an hour and twenty minutes, leaving me about 45 minutes to make my transfer.

I booked this leg of my trip through a  company called Skypicker. It was a cheap route but with good deals can come big problems. In this case, they had purchased my three flights separately, meaning I needed to pick up my bag and recheck it in KL for the next leg to Sydney. I collected my bag and cleared immigration in record speed thanks to the airport being almost deserted. I got to the check in desk with almost half an hour to make the flight. It was here that I first got worried. The check in staff said we couldn’t make it onto the flight. There was a few Aussies there too who lost their shit at the check in staff. There was seven of us all in the same boat. However it was all in vein and we missed the flight. They did rebook us for another flight the next morning, but I was booked the whole way through to Auckland. My last leg from Sydney-Auckland was with Air NZ and not Asia Air as were the first two flights. Even though it was fully Air Asia’s balls up, they wouldn’t help me.

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4 days in Fu#kit *Phuket

Headed to New Zealand for my brothers wedding I swung a stopover in Thailand. It only added another £100 to my flight bringing the total to £1250!! Bad time to fly round the world. I arrived in Thailand after a two hour delay in Germany due to Euro wings. Formally known as German wings until they had a pilot kill himself and everyone else on the plane. I got into Phuket international at 5am and was met with a serious mental and even physical challenge at the border. The worst que of my entire life. After 20 hours of transit I got stuck waiting for passport control for 2.5 hours. This was no normal que though, it was a full time, sweaty, mosh pit with no structure whatsoever. Everyone was pushing forward for the total duration. When I finally reached the front I had to lean back to not bump into the person having their passport checked in front of me. When I did eventually get through and go to bend down to get my suitcase from the carousel my legs almost gave out and I had to go on in for a second attempt. As horrible as this all was I couldn’t escape an overwhelming sense of happiness. It’s hot!! I couldn’t remember the last time I had sweat. I’ve officially escaped the miserable UK winter.




Yet, it’s all worth it for this!

I had one intention for this stopover, and that was to chill the f out and be in the sun. I only had one lapse in my plan when I caved and did one touristy excursion. I took a day tour around four islands. In the UK a travel company uses this awkward German tourist in their promotional adds. Being from New Zealand I’m only now slowly learning all the European stereotypes that seem common knowledge to everyone here. Germans being awkward tourists is apparently one of those. Something I’d never noticed until this golden example came crashing down onto my groin.


The German groin squasher. Note the glasses.

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German Road Trip Baby!

Three buddies from New Zealand I took a road trip in Germany from Munich to Cologne. Also briefly popping up in three other countries on our whirlwind five night trip. We rented a sparking new beast of a car and set about seeing an average of 1.8 Christmas markets a day which helped me towards my goal of a solid German beer and Bratwurst diet.


The Gang! Mannschaft Quattro

road trip zoomed out.JPG

Flying into Munich we ventured South into Austria, then up towards Frankfurt but made an impromptu turn into Luxembourg. Then on route to Cologne we missed our off-ramp so swung out wide through the south of Belgium.

road trip.JPG

Considering we only had five nights, we saw a shit load. This list is missing two other stops in little German towns. Munich-Cologne direct should only take 5 hours to drive.

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Serbia – just dipping my toes

I saved money on my return flight to London by taking a 22 hour stop over in Belgrade. AKA free trip to Belgrade! We quickly discovered how cheap this place was so ate out at the most exciting and high quality restaurant that was close by. The food was amazing. I made the mistake of ordering shots instead of cocktails for one of the rounds which set the tone for the rest of the evening.

I guess I needed to slide down this ramp like a penguin at some point in the night

I guess I needed to slide down this ramp like a penguin at some point in the night

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